Advanced Nail Workshop

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Advanced Nail Workshop

Advanced Nail Workshop


Nails, nails, nails! In today's world there are so many products, techniques, and trends for nails, and at Tappa we don’t want to get left behind.


Thank you to Barb Willoughby for an amazing Nail workshop! We learned a lot about this season's nail trends and ways to improve nail health!


This season is all about the pastels and nail art. Remember, nail art doesn’t always have to be an actual “design” or “picture” on the nail; it also depends on the discretion of the nail artist. Some popular nail patterns include having an “accent” nail which means having each nail one specific colour but with one nail being a completely different colour. This can also include having a different pattern or design. Here are some examples:



Another current nail trend is glitter! Glitter is still very popular and there are many ways to do glitter as well! Check out some of these ideas:




At Tappa, we do both Gel – which is 100% Gel and not gel with powder added to it – and Acrylic – which is odourless! Our products are higher end, and so much better for the nails! Gel is great for everyone; it is lighter, easier on the nails, and very natural looking. Acrylic is a better choice for someone who is very hard or rough on their hands.



During our advanced nail workshop, we learned different techniques, applications and trends for both gel and acrylic products.


We are very proud of our nail team at Tappa Salon & Beauty Bar. Our employees Caitlin and Karyssa have now completed all mandatory advanced training required by Tappa to service our guests! Congratulations Karyssa and Caitlin!


We are also very proud to announce that Yana, (pictured above) has been promoted to our Master Nail Technician! After completing numerous nail workshops, 8 years of industry experience, and mentoring our other nail technicians, Yana has met our company requirements to advance within Tappa. Good news! Yana is still accepting new clients. While her prices may be slightly higher than our other
technicians, it is to respect her great experience. Thanks to our staff training, you can expect
 quality service and results from any employee of our nail team, as they have mentored under Yana and completed our compulsory advanced nail training. 


To see more pictures from our advance nail workshop, visit our Facebook photo album and click here.


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very amazing nail Technicians soon!