Education Series - "Ben's World" and Communication in Tappa Hair Salon

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The Art of Communication
At Tappa Hair Salon, some of our team were very fortunate to join with other business  partners of Tappa's and successfully participate in the intensive two  day Tier 1 Training program from the Ben Mollin Project.
And very successfully we might add.

Over these two days we were encouraged to leave our comfort zones and face one of the biggest fears in the world, "public speaking". We didn't know how much "we didn't know" about communication, eye contact, body language and effective speaking skills. That all changed once we entered "Ben's World".

We all left his two day course inspired, more confident, and eager to bring our new found respect for public speaking to the rest of our colleagues, family members, and friends!
Ben Mollin is a celebrity hairstylist who also provides this public speaking course around the world, to all ages, and industries. The full program includes three tiers.We have successfully and proudly completed the first one.

Bring on Tier Two!!