Education Series - Cuts and Fades

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Zak Ferguson and the
Cut and Fade
On Sunday, November 26th it was Men's barbering day for that week's Cut Craft Class at Tappa Hair Salon. Zak Ferguson brought the group back to basics while going through two different types of fading (very much the trend right now).  There's the "Military" fade which is more square and the hair cut is higher up on the sides and the back. This means the fade needs to go higher.
The second fade reviewed, and the one more in style these days, is less squared off than the Military fade. Zak explained that the effect will be softer on the eyes with a more rounded look. You start it from the top of the ear and only bring the fade up to the occipital bone. Zak really focused on scissor over comb and how important it is to understand this technique and really embrace and understand the cut and what you are doing with it, as the stylist. 

On Monday, November 27th it was back to the ladies. The day focused on a very difficult cut that turned out elegant and beautiful. Zak really inspired the group to push the limits. He showed different ways to texturize while showing a variety of techniques. Mr. Ferguson taught everyone how to approach a haircut without becoming overwhelmed with it and losing the grip on all of your knowledge as a stylist.
The Cut Craft Class continues to be an excellent program to learn new techniques along with the older ones to refresh your memory and continue on the path to be a better stylist !