Education Series - Short Styles for Summer with Sherman

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Education Series - Short Styles for Summer with Sherman
Wella's Sherman Wong 
and "Short Styles"

We are super stoked to give our clients a new fresh “do” for spring and summer.

Our team recently spent a full day with Sherman Wong from Wella, in an advanced hair cutting workshop. 


What is trending for this spring and summer season is "Short Styles", they are coming back bigger than ever!  Also the haircuts and styles are gender neutral meaning they are suitable for both men and women.  We are seeing texture making a huge comeback, with a lot of natural “wash and wear” type looks, yet nothing too styled.


We asked a few of our team members who attended the workshop what resonated with them.  Here is what they had to say;



  • With all the new techniques Sherman demonstrated, it's possible to give any kind of cut/style to fit a client's needs in a timely fashion, while being technically disconnected but not visually.
  • Disconnected hair cuts are very suitable for people with curly hair.


  • I loved Sherman’s approach to determining sectioning for our precision haircut based on the client’s thickness of hair. This allows for better suitability to individual hair texture and  a client's needs.  Sherman’s teaching style was clear, specific, and easy to understand and relate to. And all the while still humorous and entertaining!

  • I really liked the advanced hair cut because it showed us how to make a hair cut disconnected but also very appealing to a person’s face shape. Sherman is amazing!




Wella’s colour educator Stephanie Johnston was on hand as well and she reminded us what new colours are trending with these new cuts.  She said we are seeing a lot of warm tones. people are starting to move away from pastels into coppers, and rose brown colours.


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