Education Series - Vintage Curls and the Glam Look

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The Kevin Murphy Screen Siren Look

Recently the wonderful ladies representing Kevin Murphy showed us at Tappa Hair Salon how to get great results in creating vintage curls with a girl as model that had pin straight hair beforehand.
Things started with using the Un.Tangled leave-in conditioner (made with Australian Fruit extracts) to dampen the hair and set it free of tangles. We then spray the hair generously with the Hair.Resort.Spray followed by wrapping the wand around the hair until the heat was well distributed. We then combed out the curl and placed it in the Kevin.Murphy Hair.Curlers to let the curls cool.
Once the whole head was completed we used our blow dryer to cool the curls a little bit more. That was followed by removing all of the Hair.Curlers. We used a pin to hold back the bang while spraying it with  Session.Spray and continuing to loosen the curl.
The end result was elegant and classy. Absolutely stunning even for this day and age !