Healthy Hair Tips for a Cold Weather

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As we approach colder weather, your hair tends to get dryer, and having your hair in a ponytail can sometimes only make things worse, as hair bands cause breakage and scalp stress.
As much as we all love the cute & simple ponytail, there are some downsides to wearing it too often. Our stylist Victoria advises using a scrunchie instead, as this can prevent the amount of damage.

Here are a few of our favourite tips to maintain healthy hair:
Add a clarifying shampoo to your weekly routine
to remove build-up and residual impurities.
Using a hair mask once a week will strengthen stressed hair
and/or add softness and shine to dry/dull hair.
When was your last haircut? We recommend that you get a trim
every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy hair.
Tappa Team