Interview With Naza of Tappa Hair Salon in Ottawa

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NAZA - The Master Wax Ninja
Take a moment with an informal interview with Naza at Tappa Hair Salon & Beauty Bar

Are you interested in getting waxing or facials? If so, this interview may be just for you. We chatted with Naza from Tappa Hair Studio in Ottawa, Ontario, to discuss her role at Tappa as their aesthetician. We begin with a brief some words about Naza followed by our Q & A.


You may not know this but Naza is also known as “Master Wax Ninja”.

She is a professional beauty specialist, with 11 years experience who can meet all your needs from head to toe.  You must experience one of her special facials using our Clayton Shagal products that will rejuvenate your skin.  Pampering you is always the order of the day!


Q: Can you introduce yourself and your role at Tappa?


A: Hello, my name is Naza. I’m an aesthetician; I do pedicures, manicures, facials, and waxing. And I’ve been working with Tappa for many years.


Q: When did you start with Tappa?


A: I’ve been with Tappa for 17 years before it was another company, but I’ve been here from the start.


Q: When did you start training to be a beauty specialist?


A: Maybe around 19/20 years ago.


Q: What are some of the services you provide at Tappa?


A: The services I provide at Tappa are facials, wax, and Mani/Pedi.


Q: What kind of facials do you do?


A: I do a bunch! From basic to hydration facials.


Q: Do you ever have any challenges with the services you do with waxing or facials?


A: No, no. We haven’t had any issues so far!


Q: And why do you think your client or a new client should visit Tampa to get any aesthetic service done?


A: Because we love our clients, we take care of them, and they like to come to me.


Q: Out of all the services you provide, which one would you say is your favourite?


A: Definitely pedicures and manicures.


Q: What is the best way for someone to contact Tappa to book an appointment?


A: They can call us at (613) 721-1000, check out our website, or send us a DM on Instagram to book an appointment. If you’re ready to get any services at Tappa, check out the links above!

Here's Naza