Mandatory Use of Mask within Tappa Hair Salon

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Mandatory Use of Mask within Tappa Hair Salon

Beginning July 7, 2020, all staff, visitors, and customers are required to wear a mask or face covering (collectively, a “Mask”) upon entering and remaining in Tappa Hair Salon. This Policy applies in any enclosed spaces which are open to the public and where customers interact with one another and/or staff members. It does not apply to outdoor spaces.


For the purpose of this Policy, a “Mask” means a medical or non-medical face mask or face covering, such as a bandana, scarf, or cloth, provided it securely covers the nose, mouth, and chin.


All staff must use their best efforts to prevent anyone from entering the premises if the person is not wearing a Mask. If you see a person entering the premises without a Mask, please advise the person of the requirement to put one on. Please ensure that they use the hand sanitizer before entering the premises and remind them of the need to maintain a distance of 6 feet from any other person, when possible.


If the person refuses to wear a Mask, you may still let them enter the premises. Please remain polite and do not engage in any verbal confrontation.


The following persons are exempted from wearing a Mask:

  • ●  Any child younger than two (2) years of age;

  • ●  Any person with an underlying health condition that

    prevents them from safely wearing a mask;

  • ●  Any person who is unable to put on or remove their mask

    without the assistance of another person;

  • ●  Any person who is reasonably accommodated under the

    Ontario Human Rights Code, RSO 1990, c H.19, as amended, by not wearing a mask;

  • If anyone states that they cannot wear a Mask because of any of the above reasons, you should accept their explanation. You may not require them to explain further or require proof.

Note that Masks may be removed temporarily for the following purposes:

  • ●  receiving services that would require temporary removal;

  • ●  while actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity

    including water-based activities;

  • ●  consuming food or drink; or

  • ●  for any emergency or medical purpose.

If you see anyone in the premises who has removed their Mask for an extended period, please remind them that the Mask should be worn for so long as they remain on the premises.

Staff must be trained on the policy, including how to respond in various circumstances:
    ●  customer arrived without a mask because they forgot or don't have one;
    ●  customer who is exempt from wearing a mask;
    ●  customer wanting more information about the policy;
    ●  customer who becomes aggressive about the new


    ●  customer wanting information about the importance of

    wearing a mask or the science on the use of masks;

    ●  customer asking about the availability of alcohol-based hand

    sanitizer (70-90% alcohol concentration);

    ●  customer who wants to know if they can be fined.   


If a customer contacts Tappa Hair Salon to book an appointment and advises that they cannot wear a mask on the basis of an exemption, please contact, Tanya Hill, before confirming the booking. In order to ensure the safety of our staff and other customers, the preference will be to book customers who cannot wear a Mask in the last time slot of the day.
Staff members are generally expected to serve clients who claim an exemption from the mandatory mask requirement. However, any staff member who is unable to do so on any ground protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code is encouraged to speak with, Tanya Hill, to discuss an appropriate accommodation in the circumstances.

If a customer refuses to wear a Mask, does not claim one of the above exemptions, and expects service nonetheless, please contact, Tanya Hill, or mall security. The customer may be asked to leave and, if the incident requires follow up from the City of Ottawa, could be subject to a fine under the City of Ottawa’s Temporary Mandatory Mask By-Law (passed on July 15, 2020).


Signage on the requirement must be posted and visible to the public.


This Policy has been created in compliance with the directive of the Medical Officer of Health under the authority of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) Ontario Regulation 263/20.

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