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This winter Tappa Hair Salon is ready to embrace the “REDHEAD REVOLUTION”.

There are endless possibilities in the spectrum of reds: deep mahogany, sunset auburn, rusted copper, juicy cherry and sunset copper. Anyone can reach red hair. It is all about finding the shade that best compliments you!

If you are risky, go for the full red colour. When going for a full red colour, you can do a solid shade, or a few red shades that are similar but a little deeper and some a little darker or lighter. When you use a couple reds that are similar in tone but slightly different in tonal depth it adds mysterious dimension to your hair. #customcolor

For those, who want only a subtle change, a few red highlights or face-framing pieces can really transform your look without having to completely change your hair colour. 


First things first, return your hair into a healthy condition before changing hair colour again. It is recommended to do a Wellaplex treatment before proceeding with the colour, especially if your hair has previously been coloured, lightened or slightly compromised from heat styling tools. Wellaplex will help to repair and strengthen your hair to reach your desired hair goals.

To maintain your new red, it is recommended to wash your hair in cooler water to preserve its intensity, shine, and tone. It also assists with sealing in your new colour. Home maintenance for any coloured hair is important, especially with red hair. We first recommend using a colour-safe shampoo, it is gentler and will not strip the hair. If you're looking to refresh your colour, you can use an at-home-colour glaze or pigmented colour mask. Either of these options will prolong the life of your hair colour so you can go long periods of time without getting a colour retouch at the salon.
Some gorgeous examples of celebrates rocking the red color trends!

Tappa Hair Salon is always striving to be the innovator for Ottawa salons and to ensure all our guests can be sure that we offer the most current trends and techniques. If you are ready to embrace the “REDHEAD REVOLUTION” make an appointment with one of our Talented Team Members.


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