REFER and WIN!!!

You Look Amazing
Everyone Says So
How About Telling Them
About Where It All Happened
You may not realize that you are a member of a very select group.
You, among a highly valued group of Tappa Hair Salon's clients,
are an active member of the salon's Referral Program.
To be honest we don't know whether you've made any referrals,
or had a chance to benefit with a discount on your hair services.
We've chosen to bestow a gift of considerable value to
the person in the Referral Program that has the most of their 
referrals call or come into the salon between now and March 3rd, 2019
Click here for a reminder of what the Referral Program is all about.
And below is a sample reminder of the email you received introducing
you to it all. If you'd like more information on the program, the contest,
or anything else for that matter, please call the salon at (613) 721 - 1000
or email Abier at