Roots and Touch Up Inquiries - Tappa Hair Salon's Guidelines

To Our Valued Guests

So many of our Guests are inquiring about their “roots” and can we do “touch up” kits.


We so want to help all of you, and believe me all of us who work at the salon NEED OUR HAIR DONE


Covid-19 has brought so many challenges and unique issues to our industry.

The Issues:             

Obviously one huge roadblock we are facing is the “closeness’ in which we work.  This obstacle makes the impact to our profession immense and somewhat rare to other industries.


A lot of our guests may not be aware that in Ontario, hair-styling is a Red Seal Compulsory Trade, which means all of our stylists hold a valid license with the province of Ontario that permits us to serve our guests safely and with the necessary skill and knowledge.


Since we are regulated by the same governing body that oversees 150 other trades, we must follow the Covid-19 restrictions placed on our trades by the province, which includes remaining closed and all of the professional codes of conduct that exist with holding a provincially issued professional license.


So as the owner of Tappa Hair Salon, I have decided we will not provide the “root touch up kits”, as I do not want to see any of our team be held liable or face repercussions from our college/province.  Not complying could result in issuing the business and individual a fine or worst-case scenario revoking our hair-styling license, the legal permit that allows us to do what we all love to do, SERVE OUR GUESTS AT TAPPA.


We also have to respect our professional liability insurance, which does not condone us providing our professional products to non-certified consumers.

The Opportunities:   

The alternative we  have decided to offer our guests is Insta- recharge from Wella, which is like an eye shadow that will cover up your grey regrowth, or our Colour Fresh semi-permanent colour that does not have the ability to “lighten hair” or  “cover grey 100%” but does blend the grey up to 30% and can refresh your colour for up to 10 shampoos.


We also want to remind you that “giving your hair a break” is really great for your hair.  Take this time to give your hair deep conditioning treatments.  Also, with more length, maybe we can take this opportunity to “revise” your look.  As a team we have also decided for those of you who wait for us, your charges will not reflect possibly requiring adjustments to techniques and or products as a result of the extra regrowth.


We know this is not a perfect solution, but it is 100% consumer safe, in the fact that when you come in to the salon the product will be 100% “gone”  from your hair and these products in no way will impede us from getting you’re colour back to what you LOVE & DESIRE.  While at the same time protecting our staff from what could be a bigger impact to their career than COVID-19 has been, facing losing our “Hairstyling License”, which we earned, adhere to, and hold proudly & passionately.

We thank all our guests for understanding.

Please message us if you are interested in the Insta - recharge or Colour Fresh options and we will try to get it to you. Obviously, inventory is at low levels, not just with us but with our suppliers, limited accessibility to the salon, and delivery is much slower for everyone. So it can take 5-7 business days to get you the product you want.


Be sure whenever we get the “green light” to reopen we will work very hard to get you all in, whatever that takes from us. Our team is ready to “work around the clock” – I know I am!!!


~The Best support you could give us is ~



With much appreciation


Owner of Tappa Hair Salon