Tappa Hair Salon and Preparing to Welcome You Back!

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“If you want your warning…

Here it is… Get Ready!”

 - Doug Ford

At this time, our team at Tappa is busy at work preparing to welcome you back! We are working closely with industry experts, our strategy + marketing team and local officials to prepare for our reopening, keeping the health and safety of our clients and staff on top of mind. 


As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we are committed to providing our guests with the latest updates to ensure transparency and clarity.


Though we are all very eager to get back to the salon, we would be lying to ourselves and all of you if we told you that business will resume as usual. I am therefore reaching out to all of you, to let you know the ways you will be able to support us to open faster, while keeping everyone’s health and safety at the forefront of all of our decisions.


Here are a few new measures we will be putting into place as we reopen:

  • PPE is essential for everyone’s health and safety. Due to the difficulties in sourcing PPE at this time, we ask that all guests wear their own non-surgical face masks for in-person appointments.


  • We will be taking temperatures of all team members and guests with a touchless thermometer.


  • For the first phase of reopening, we will work by appointment only (more details to follow).


  • Once we have confirmed the reopening date, we will first open up bookings to guests who have missed an appointment with us, due to the closure, then we will open up bookings to our other guests looking for some “self-care” 😊


  • It is important that you know we will be working with reduced staff, and on reduced hours to respect physical distancing.What does this mean for you?Our schedules will not be as “flexible” as they once were, as we will have to ensure during the first phase that we are always respecting maximum capacity regulations.
  • During the first phase there will be no snacks, beverages and or our amazing magazine selections, so please bring your own.


  • Again, because during phase 1 of reopen, we must respect regulations set in place by the government. We ask you come to your appointment solo – so for now -no “Morale support Camaraderie.” But with so much “together time,” couldn’t you use some “me time?😊


  • Due to limited staff and resources in phase 1, our washroom will not be available during mall hours – all guests and team members during these times will be asked to use the public mall washrooms.

While we understand that things will be different upon reopening, our team is very much looking forward to serving our guests again! We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate our way through these difficult times – we will slowly but surely return to business as normal!


Just a reminder that things may change and evolve as we receive more updates from the government, we all know this is “new” for everyone.


Thank you all for your patience, support and cooperation. Stay tuned as we share more information with you over the upcoming weeks!


~We are in this together~


Tanya Hill


(613) 721 - 1000