Tappa Hair Salon's Nioxin Event

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For those of you that attended this year's Nioxin event, we thank you for your support and participation.
For those of you that missed this wonderful opportunity to get to the root of things, inquire the next time you are in the salon about what you missed and what is in it for you.
Tappa’s  Annual Fall VIP Nioxin Event was held on Thursday, October 19th where everyone experienced what "Scalp Renew"did for them. They enjoyed a personalized Nioscope Diagnosis executed by Tappa's Nioxin experts.
Here's a look at how down to the root everything got:
Scalp is very cloudy with lots of build up around the follicle. Scalp looks very dull with beginnings of hair miniaturization.
Hair is weighed down with excess oil.

Scalp is shiny and much more clear. Build up around the follicle has been loosened – scalp renew will continue to work over the next few days at home to free the follicle of the remainder of the build up.
Hair strands are much clearer and have a more volumized effect. Scalp is more pink; blood flow has been improved to the follicle site.
                         AFTER                                         BEFORE