TAPPA Raffle: Win a Coach Purse

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With the current Covid-19 restrictions we can not give you magazines to be entertained during the service. As an alternative, most of you are on your phone while receiving the service. Let's make your phone browsing more exciting!

This raffle will be perfect for you! You can do any or all of the activities from the list, and receive as many raffle tickets, as you can before leaving the salon. The more raffle tickets you have, the higher your chance to win a Coach purse.



TAPPA raffle ends January 2nd. The winner will be announced on January 4th.

The rules are very simple! -->You need to complete any of the actions from the list while having a service in Tappa salon, and you will receive a different amount of tickets depending on the task. 



The contest runs from November 1st till January 2nd. The winner will be announced via social media on January 4th and will receive a beautiful Coach purse, as a gift.


We love engaging and rewarding our amazing guests in Tappa. Hopefully, you will enjoy our raffle and will have some fun. Lets the raffle start!

If you have any questions concerning the raffle, please feel free to ask your stylist/aesthetician for more details.