Tappa's favorite HAIR PRODUCTS this summer

In this article we want to share with our favorite hair products. These are our secret magic tools that make your hair look stunning. To read more about products click on the image of the hair product. The link will forward you to the hair product's page. 

This colour melt was achieved by doing a colour melt with 6 shades of Wella Koleston Perfect Reds.
This was a multi-step blonding procedure. We first started with 2 lightening formulas to ensure even lift and tone of regrowth area. Next, we did our preliminary toner to removed unwanted warmth. Once warmth was eliminated, we then applied our 2nd toner with our desired colour. We finished by using dark oils beautiful light weigh hair mask, blow-drying, and sealing with the light oil from Wella's oils reflection line.
Who doesn’t love some curl and body for their hair? With our wonderful new texture products, natural bouncy curls are so obtainable. We did a gemini spiral wrap, (98 rods-who is counting) used our very gentle thio-free texture product, and finished with light cream and applying some of Wella’s Wonderbalm to ensure a soft, frizz-free bouncy curl. This guest left with all her favorite products that keeps this texture alive for 6 -8montths Dark oil light hair mask and silkening mist with Nutri curl wave shampoo and cleansing conditioner! All set for some carefree curls!