Wella Academy: Grand Opening in Toronto

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Grand Opening in Toronto
The Wella Canada Academy

As is always the case at Tappa, things are never dull.  Most recently two of our team members, Amy [@hairbyamykins] and Mariam [@hairstylesbyMariam], were hnoured to attend the elite grand opening of the brand new Wella Academy, located in Toronto on East Liberty Street.


The list was limited to 120 invited guests who were wined, dined, and driven around, all through the generosity of Wella Canada.


Our ladies' journey started bright and early on October 14th from the Carlingwood Mall, where a shuttle bus awaited them and drove them to their accommodations in Toronto at the Hyatt on King Street.


Once they were checked in and had freshened up, their waiting coach bus brought them to the starting event for their visit at the Wella Academy.

This Academy is state of the art and the location is amazing.  Amy and Mariam could see all of of downtown Toronto including the CN Tower, all from the windows of the facility.

Sunday night our ladies were entertained by the troops of Sassoon, where they were shown creative and inspirational hairstyles and looks.

During the evening Amy and Mariam mingled with many of the Wella Artists; Paul Nasrallah @PaulNasrallah, Antonio Quintieri - @quin.hair , and Jean Sebastian, Sherman Wong - @Sherman_Wong, Yvonne Sharples - @Yvonne_Sharples, Mirella Sementilli - @mirellathehairwhisperer, Zachary Ferguson @zakferg to name a few.

And they found themselves busy on the “red carpet” taking pics.

If the ladies weren’t watching a hair show, or mingling,                 
what else would they be doing…..
of course, eating and drinking. 
Wella always is a very gracious host.

After a night of entertainment and beauty, our two stars were transported back to the Hyatt for a few hours of “shut eye” as another day awaited them.

Monday morning the shuttle picked them up at the hotel early and had them to the Wella Academy to enjoy some breakfast. Through the day they then learned about all the amazing new products being launched, KP PERFECT ME, DEVELOPERS and many new STYLING PRODUCTS.


After what was a whirlwind 24 hours in TO, the ladies were fully inspired and excited to return to Tappa to share all of their new knowledge with the rest of the team.

And since attending the event they can’t wait to use the new KP reds and purples and to use the new shadow root technique they observed.

Amy and Mariam know that clients will love these new products and techniques as well.  There is 60% less chance that any client will develop an allergy to the updated colour, while more conditioning and colour results are seamless and have complete balance from root to end.


The ladies also came away thinking clients will love the Pure Glossing service, it only takes 5-10 minutes and it infuses colour and shine to everyone’s hair style.


Not to mention the new PURE REBUILD BALANCE, that is an addition to the already amazing WellaPlex that will concentrate on refreshing and repairing mid-length to ends of the hair, leaving it stronger and healthier.

You may probably not believe this but when Amy and Mariam were away from work they still think of work….or at least of their clients.  Mariam wants to try the new KP Reds on Tanya Jenkins, because the colours are so rich and vibrant. Then there's Erin Stinson and Kate Aittouati for the new blondes and beautiful ash shades that emit tons of shine.


Amy and Mariam have already selected               

classes they want to enroll in at the

WELLA ACADEMY in 2019                                  Stay Tuned for our next adventure