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11th EditionWelcome to Tappa’s regular blog. This is our platform to chat with our guests, family, friends and colleagues.
Welcome Sppppppp-ring  2019
The good news is we keep our calendars soooo packed here at Tappa, that wow, we cannot believe we are into April already.

For those of you who were able to attend our February Beauty Trade in Event, and March Beauty Expo DIY event, thank you!! For those of you who couldn’t, so sorry you missed it!  Our February was facilitated with a gentleman with over 30 years of experience in the skin industry, Andre Auger, from Clayton Shagal. Andre provided our guests with great info about their skin, daily regimes and how they could improve the condition of their skin with some easy modifications to their daily practices.  Our guests also got to enjoy hot chocolate from our Gourmet Cocoa Bar


The March Beauty Expo DIY event was a fun interactive evening.  Our panel of experts included Stephanie Johnston and Amy Overton from COTY Professionals.  This was an interactive evening where guests learned the best colour combinations for their skin and hair, how to easily update their look for spring/summer and easy tips and tricks when it comes to skin, make up, and styling tools/regimes.  As usual we need a wow factor, and everyone LOVED our Gourmet popcorn Bar.


Both events we encouraged our guests to bring in beauty products they were not using – old or new, and we offered them 25% off any new beauty products they purchased and the BEST PART, we donated all their stuff to the Sheperd’s of Good Hope!  DEFINITE WIN-WIN!!


NOW! We must cover some of our EDUTAINMENT, from the past couple of weeks.  We would like to thank @scissormanDan for a great Men’s Cutting Class.  Men’s styles are always evolving, and so are the techniques, tools and products to achieve them.        

Click here to learn more about what is trending for men’s hair


And as usual our very lovely Courtney from COTY Professionals came in and blew our minds about the new INVIGO PRODUCTS from Wella.

There is truly a product for every hair type, styling challenge, and preferred hair tone with this new hair care product line.  We are soooo excited to have it in salon for all of you to enjoy!


Another really great feature of this new line is they have a completely odor free component to their line, it’s called the “senso line”.  We have so many guests who have been asking us for “scent” free products, and now we truly have one!!

Check out this testimonial from a very grateful and excited guest

What's coming up ????????

Now, what have we got on the horizon……….wait for it……..it’s our most anticipated bi-annual event of the year,

Our Noxin , “Spring is in the Hair” event is back!!

When??? Thursday April 25th from 12-8.

We have added some great new activities to this event, but have not compromised the integrity, value, or main purpose of the event; HEALTHY SCALP AND HAIR WHILE PROVIDING SHINE AND TONS OF BODY TO EVERYONE'S LOCKS THAT LAST UPWARDS OF ONE MONTH!!!

Remember these slots are limited so call us today to make your reservation 613-721-1000

  For more information about this event click here


We want to keep the momentum going, so the weekend following our Spring Event, many of our team members are participating in our BEA (Beauty Envision Awards) Workshop.  This is where our team gets to shine and show how truly talented and artistic we are.  Our team members get to be mentored by top hairstylists in the world, and work with award winning photographers and makeup artists that will help make their dream visions reality.  We cannot wait to share their work with all of you!!

Here is a look at Amy’s before and after entry from last year’s awards


Edition #12 will share trends for spring and summer hair trends, edutainment section, event coverage and upcoming promotions!! You won’t want to miss any of it!!


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