What's On Tap @ Tappa : 2nd Edition

Whats On Tap @ Tappa : 2nd Edition
2nd Edition

Welcome to Tappa’s regular blog. This is our platform to chat with our guests, family, friends and colleagues.

What Happened March 26th to April 8th

We are enjoying our blogging platform!!! It's actually great for us to see what we do and do not accomplish each and every week.You know what they say “if you write it down, a better chance of it happening” – so now we feel accountable to you, our reader!! This is not a bad thing....


Spring break has been here and gone, and our mall did not disappoint!  Free shows every day of the March Break and great turn outs!!


At Tappa we believe in “giving back” and get so energized every chance we do it!!  We actually got to give back to the community in two different capacities. We were so fortunate when a nice gentleman, Mark (pictured at the top of this blog) , contacted us and asked if we could support his fundraising for Breast Cancer.  Mark’s wife had breast cancer and they began a walk to raise money. His wife has since passed away (our condolences) but Mark had promised to continue and he is doing just that.  The walk will be held on Mother’s Day in Kanata this year.  We will include the links if you wish to donate or join the walk.  So……how did we support this fundraiser…..Well I think the picture at the top tells it all…yup…..we coloured Mark's hair and goatee a vibrant PINK!!   Hopefully this will help Mark obtain his fundraising goal.

Happy Birthday

The 2nd opportunity we had to “give back” was being proud sponsors of the “Frozen Birthday Bash”  That’s Right, it was Anna and Elsa’s birthday, and we got to help out with this unique successful event.  We had a blast preparing loot bags for the birthday bash!!  You can see by the pictures they hit it out of the Park with this affair!! Two days both sold out! WOOT WOOT!!



Contests, prizes….always an opportunity to participate in something at Tappa and win great things!! So we are pleased to share these winners with you.. It was super easy, vote on your favorite Hair Transformation on our Facebook page.  We set it up that you could vote as many times as you wanted, and the person who voted the most won their favourite Sebastian/Wella product and the “model” who received the votes, won the same thing!! It was easy peasy


Congratulations to Jerra Stewart & Kelly Hitsman

Make sure to check out our Facebook page for all our upcoming contests, events and promos                               

And the Next Contest...
Trend Vision Hair Competition
Amy is off to Vidal Sassoon to participate in this year's Trend Vision Hair Competition.  She is entering a colour competition with our beautiful model Kelsea.  If we mean WHEN Amy places, she then moves on to Caesar's Palace, in Las Vegas to compete in the North American Trend Vision Competition. From there comes the opportunity to go to the Worlds in Europe.  Stay tuned for our Trend vision Expose – FEATURING AMY! Stay tuned for the final photos posted in May :)
Nioxin's "Spring Thing" Hidden Secrets

What did you say??? We haven’t had any events lately….well you are in luck….our Spring Thing Hidden Secrets Nioxin event is officially scheduled, and our SAVE THE DATE, was emailed out!!  Call in and reserve your spot as we have limited spaces available.

Update on Sebastian's Shaper Contest

Have no fear, the Tappa Team is here!! We reclaimed 1st place with our continuous postings for the Sebastian Shaper Contest!! We are determined one of our clients will go to LA!

What's coming up ????????
We will be hosting another Red Carpet contest event celebrating Woman!!! 
There will be amazing prizes and of course just the pure fun of posing on
“Tappa’s Red Carpet”  All details will be available on Tappa Connected

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Well that’s a wrap for our 2nd Edition of
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