What's On Tap @ Tappa : 9th Edition

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9th Edition
Welcome to Tappa’s regular blog. This is our platform to chat with our guests, family, friends and colleagues.
What Happened since November

It’s hard to believe but this is the last edition of “What’s on Tap @Tappa” for 2018!!  Without further delay let’s look at the events, promotions, and all that has happened in the past few weeks around here.


Let us start with one of our favourite things at Tappa, how we can give back to the community. One of our long time guests, Ashley Beswick from ACB Learning, asked if we would partner with her in raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. http://www.acblearning.ca/


 Ashley has worked with children for a number of years and every year chooses an organization near and dear to her heart that she would like to fund raise for.  Ashley has set a goal of raising $1,500.00. 


          We are selling ballots for an                         We also did a 50/50 draw at our

          amazing “Christmas Crate”                          team Christmas party and raised

                                                                               over $140.00 for this worthy cause

We are also selling those delicious Purdy Chocolates and have embraced technology with the help of Facebook with their new ‘donation button” make sure to check out this link and donate today!!


Let’s hope we surpass the goal of $1500.00!!!


We are also loving our promo/pay it forward initiative- Any child under 10 who gets their hair cut with us can enjoy a prepaid ticket for the Carlingwood Shopping Center Christmas Train!!


We love how the kids enjoy their train ride after a fresh hair cut.... lol.  Check out how happy this client Benny was for his train ride

Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa and Santa arrived at the Mall on November 17th

With Santa comes shenanigans.  The mall hosts a Santa Clause Parade and to participate you need a mascot……hmm……yup…. We created our very own mascot! Let us introduce you to our mascot, “Hairy”


Hairy’s debut was made at the Carlingwood Shopping Center Santa Clause Parade and since then has been getting numerous requests.  Hairy accepted the invite to the Carlingwood “Pajama Party”, what a blast!!!!


Santa also holds “Pet Picture” evenings.  You can bring your critters on December 3rd and December 10th from 5pm-8pm and participate.  Make sure the elves give you your coupon for our special offer on our Pet Line.


Black Friday is now equally big here in Canada as it is in the US.  Every shopper who spent over $50.00 in retail with us was entered into a draw for a free LASH LIFT & TINT – valued at $85.00


We also wanted to reward one of our guests with a free night on the town – dinner, dancing, food- How? Simple!! Reply to our post and tag who they want to bring……how to do you keep a turkey in suspense………..exactly!! Hang in, and read our 1st edition of 2019  to see who enjoyed a night on the town


And of course, yes.... education is always happening!!   Amy, one of our Master Stylists is now a brand educator for Coty. So what does that mean for us and you?!?  That means our team is receiving more education than ever and our guests will be served by competent, highly skilled hairstylists, who can offer the latest and greatest.  Amy went to the Canadian educator training held at the new Wella Academy from November 10th -13th.  There are so many new products, techniques and trends coming down the pipe!! We can’t wait to share it all with you in our 1st edition of 2019 of “What’s on Tap”

You know what they say all work and no play……..so we always make sure to PLAY!!  Our team enjoyed a beautiful Christmas dinner together at Allegro Restaurant on Preston Street.  Great way to kick off the holiday season

We also want to help everyone make Holiday shopping a breeze.  That means something for everyone on the list, something for every shopper and lots and lots of great deals!!

Check out these in store promotions

What's coming up ????????

On the other side of all the holiday celebrations about to happen, our 10th edition will include coverage of our participation in Cop Shop, Santa Breakfasts, the next big social media give away, the upcoming VIP EVENT, January Sidewalk sale and how we and you can support a local school's theater initiative!


Make sure to keep following our What’s on Tap @Tappa as edition #10 will also let you know what’s on trend for hair and products for the winter season. Then there's catching you up on our events, fundraising and all the other shenanigans Tappa gets into over the next few weeks . 

The 10th edition will be the first edition for 2019!!!!

May we all enjoy Christmas, holidays, and New Year's as never before and have great stories to share.


We would like to take this time to wish you and your families a very healthy, happy, and safe Christmas Season


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