What's On Tap @ Tappa

Whats On Tap @ Tappa

1st Edition


Welcome to the start of Tappa’s regular blog. This is our platform to chat with our guests, family, friends and colleagues.


So “Cheers” to our first week of chatting and blogging about what's happened, what’s coming up, what didn’t happen, bloopers and mishaps as well as whatever else comes to our many creative minds from our Tappa Team.


Use the comment box below, or email us at tappa.connected@gmail.com and let’s hear what you think of this first kick at the can. We have a voracious appetite for suggestions, recommendations, and especially areas of interest you would like included in our upcoming blogs.


One thing about Tappa, we are never bored, and time flies!!  If there is one challenge we usually face each week, it’s that we feel like an 8th day may come in handy for our very ambitious calendars.


Introducing Our Inspiration Series


It's also funny to us how something happens out of the blue, and from that we create a new innovation for Tappa.  So not surprisingly, that very situation occurred last week.  We were all truly inspired by our rose gold transformation.  We took a classic ombre and turned it into a sassy rose gold modern day ombre!!  It definitely created quite a rouse in the salon and of course completely motivated us.   From this revelation a new feature was born at Tappa.   We are now running an “Inspiration Series” that you can find on our web page, Click Here.   This is a behind the scenes look at how we take the guest that comes in and gives us “carte blanche” or some inspiration of theirs and where we are able to bring it to!!  A stylist will walk you through how we create this unique personalized look. Discuss where the inspiration came from, right down to the finished product!!  We are super excited about this new series that we will keep fresh and current on our website under the “Tappa Connected” tag.  We encourage everyone to check our webpage frequently to follow this series. And you guessed it, our first rendition is the Rose Gold ombre!!  We hope it leaves you as inspired and uplifted as it has done for all of us! 


Boxes, Boxes, Boxes


Everywhere!!! If we didn’t know any better we would have believed it was Christmas. So many new products came in. From Wellaplex, to Fusion Plex, to complete supporting home maintenance regimes! Is your hair, dry, lifeless, dull, lacking luster?????  Do you want to make a full on colour change for Spring, but you’re concerned about compromising  the health of your hair??????  Worry no more. These products have your name on them! The Tappa Team is 100% ready to educate and strategize a personalized journey we can take together to get the hair you have always dreamed of.  After our amazing Product knowledge class with Wella last Thursday, we know how fortunate our team is to have world class education at our fingertips continually! We are grateful and we also know our clients appreciate the quality of service we can bring to them as a result!  Thank you Stephanie Johnson and Courtney Studiman for another stellar education course!


March Contest  


We don’t want to forget about our March contest.  Every Week we show you 4 "after pictures” of clients we’ve serviced, and you simply vote for your favourite! The person who votes the most wins their favourite Wella, Sebastian, or Nioxin product!  It's that easy and there is a winner every Wednesday!!


Then we thought maybe we haven’t done enough this week, sooooooo,…….wait for it…..we launched our very own You Tube channel.  We think this is going to be a blast.  We will bring you continual tips, techniques, new trends, products and….education…..education…..education!!!  Check it out here and be sure to follow our new You Tube channel.


Referral Program


We also put in place our improved and modernized Referral Program.  All the details are on our website here.  Everything has been streamlined and is completely available electronically now. That means paperless, no printing or cards necessary, just your own personal device!  Referrer and Referee each receive 20% off BUT opportunity for referee to SAVE EVEN MORE!! Check out all the info on our web page


Wow in hind sight another busy successful week


What's coming up this week????????


We will be floating our new Monthly newsletter – to keep you in the “KNOW”- you will want to subscribe through our web page here (at the bottom of the page), or give us your email address!! We are confident our guests are going to love this addition!!


Spring break is on and lots going on in the Mall for fam’s.  Everyday there is a free activity, show, and program to enjoy.  Everything is listed on Carlingwood’s Website – Check it out!! And if you come in be sure to stop by and say “hi” on your way to the activity!!


And of course we are going to keep “wowing” you with our share your shaper pictures #shapercontest!  We are determined that one of our guests is going to win some products or better yet… the trip To LA!   Remember anybody can participate, take a great pic, post it on IG, Tag TappaHairsSalon & #shapercontest and BAM your entered!!!


Well that’s a wrap for our very 1st Edition of



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