What's On Tap @ Tappa : 10th Edition

Whats On Tap @ Tappa : 10th Edition
10th Edition Welcome to Tappa’s regular blog. This is our platform to chat with our guests, family, friends and colleagues.
What Happened to start 2019

Wow, is it possible we are into 2019?!?  We are super stoked for 2019, but before we get into that, it only seems right to share with you an overview of 2018.

Click here to watch our review of 2018!!

Let’s just say, it is sooo hard to do a video like that because sooo much happens here at Tappa, and it's hard to settle on and pick the “highlights”!!

As most of our friends, guests, and colleagues know about Tappa, we love to “Give Back”! The last few weeks of 2018 were no different.  We are so proud that we could support and participate in “Cop Shop” and the “Santa’s Breakfasts” at the mall!


We also had amazing Social Media Giveaways.  We were trying to get to 1,000 followers…Bad news, we didn’t hit the 1,000 but Great News, “Amanda Ennis” still got to enjoy our give away of foil highlights!! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!!

Our giveaways didn’t stop there……oh no…..we did the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away…

What a Success!!  Check out our Giveaways and our Winners


Enough about 2018. Let’s start talking about 2019!!!  Well why not start off the year the way we ended it,  with Giveaways and Events!!!  We had our “Give Back” Event!! What a great success! We have sooo many clients that spoil us during the Holiday season; we wanted to do something for them.  We hosted a movie screening of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”.  We enjoyed snacks, prizes, the popcorn bar, and probably one of the favourite items was the photo booth!!! What a blast.

Click here and check out the pictures from this amazing event!

What's coming up ????????

You never know what new ‘wow” factor we will “surprise” you with at our next event!! So don’t miss out! Make sure to attend our upcoming “Beauty Trade-In Event”. This is truly a Win Win! We will have a Clayton Shagal Product Representative on site, with over 30 years experience, to answer all your skin questions and address any concerns you might have. We also know you may want to adjust your current regime, so we are asking you to bring all the products you are currently using with you and we will give you 25% off every product you “replace” with a new one, and when you “trade” in your existing product we are going to take care of it for you by donating it to the Shepherd of Good Hope.

Click here for information on reserving your space for this event


We are also super excited about supporting our local high school, Sir Robert Borden and their theatre initiative. On February 12th and 13th they are producing and presenting the “Grimm Nights”. Unfortunately schools do not have budgets for extracurricular activities like this anymore, so they must be “self-funded”.  We are pleased to have tickets available for purchase at the salon, there is no “set price”, just a “donation”, so please stop by the salon to pick up some tickets for this show. 


Of course it would never be a new year without a new ‘education calendar” and “professional development”. We are super excited about our recent “social media audit’ that we are participating in.  We are confident this will bring new excitement, quality, and interaction to all our social media platforms.  


The first class Tappa has got under its belt for 2019 is slated for GHD Tips and Techniques Class.  GHD stands for GOOD HAIR DAY…..Do you want to know the top 10 reasons you need to invest in a GHD Styler?????

 Click here to find out 


We are getting all our education lined up for the spring, so make sure to tune into our What’s on Tap @Tappa edition #11 to see what is new, hot, and trending for hair and products!


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