What's On Tap @ Tappa : 8th Edition

8th Edition
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What Happened since the start of October

 So, we are not sure if you are all going to believe this or not, but this is our 2nd to last edition for “What’s on Tap @Tappa” for 2018!!  Wow, this year is flying by!  But fear not, we are not slowing down.  This edition is as packed with events, promotions, fundraising as all our other editions.


Let's start with one of our favourite things at Tappa, how we can give back to the community.  As many of you know every year we participate in Celebrity Pumpkins, a Fundraiser for Autism, and we are very competitive.  Last year we can 2nd out of 130 carvers for raising the most money, and yes we were “bitter”.  We are proud,  and beyond excited to say we reclaimed “Top Carver” position, raising a little over  $1,600.  If you are wondering why we are so competitive  and  “what we get” for being #1, nothing more than bragging rights and of course, the most important thing, Tappa “Gave Back”  and supported this amazing cause.  All together this 4 day event saw $13,841 being raised for Autism!

Click here to see our “incredible ;) pumpkin display”

and click here for the full article on this great event


Of course we also celebrated “Hallowe’en” a little early in the mall on Saturday October 27th with the annual trick or treat activities for the families on Hmm…..How can Tappa participate,…..well how about by handing out over 500 bags of candy, hiring our very own “Captain Brown Beard” to entertain all our trick or treaters, and of course, some of our team is forever young at heart and got into the spirit with their costumes!! We had a blast!!!


Promotions, what promotions did we have?  Our ever sought after monthly social media contest did not disappoint.  It was super easy, we just wanted to know our clients' favourite post!


Events, did we do any events….we sure did!! It was our bi-annual  Nioxin event, held on Thursday, October 18th!!  This year’s theme …….uh huh…..that’s right…..”The Incredible Nioxin Event” ….yes and tied to our fundraising for Autism and our pumpkins!!  It was very well attended!   We had snacks, swag bags, winners of “incredible” gifts, and so much more!  Make sure to watch our social media pages and websites so you don’t miss out on our Nioxin Spring Edition!


And of course, yes, we had some education!!   What are we  being educated on now you ask?!? – First class was our “swatching class” on our new “Opal Iridescents” colour line. Fall trends and Holiday Hair Line up was next. For more info on what’s new and happening click here to see the “Coles Notes” version of the Fall trends.


Then we had an emi and Nioxin product knowledge class with the lovely Stephanie @stephj_wella from Wella


Education at Tappa, often means a trip, exc ursion or outing of some kind.  These past few weeks have been no different.  Two of our lucky team members, Amy and Mariam, received an invitation to the Grand opening of the brand new Wella Academy located in the heart of Toronto ion Liberty Village.  When Wella hosts an event, it always leaves you feeling inspired and motivated.  Amy and Mariam were wined and dined and entertained by amazing hair artists. 

To learn more about their outing in Toronto click here




And finally, well at least for this edition, our amazing advanced hair work shop with Jean Sebastian @jsthair , explored "The Art of Balayage!!"  If you were wondering what you should do to update your look this season…. then you need to come in and let our colour specialist personalize a custom balayage for you!!

Click here for more on what Jean had to say...

Of course Tappa doesn’t only like to educate ourselves, we love to educate the public when we can.  So we continued our fashion blogging series for Carlingwood Shopping Centre.  We shared what’s happening in the hair world, as well as offering suggestions and recommendations for consumers to give some TLC to their hair after we have invoked the summer sins of sun, chlorine, and maybe some blonding on our beloved locks.

What's coming up ????????

Coming up in our 9th edition will be coverage of Black Friday, our Team Christmas Party, and Santa’s arrival at the Mall, just to name a few of the goings on.


Make sure to keep following our What’s on Tap @Tappa as edition 9 will also let you know holiday hair ideas and trends - catch you up on our events, fundraising, and all the other shenanigans Tappa gets into over the next few weeks .   

It will be the last, that’s right, the last edition for 2018!!!


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